AMT Weekly update - new members and forums (forums are being worked on

Well, there is good news, medium news, and sorta bad news. The good news is that we have gained a new member who goes by the name of Funkyguy67. He is actually a very close friend of mine in real life, so he may be an excellent addition. The medium news is that I have been working on some new forums that may work better for the Team on Freeforums, but it is pretty confusing to me. The sorta-bad news is that I have ran out of my 3ds Max 7 trial, and am going back to Gmax. Don't know if that will be much of a switch, but I'll try my hardest. If Grunts7 logs onto Xfire the same time I do, I can tell him what weapons he needs to make.


 --Posted by Mythic128 on July 3, 2008.

AMT Weekly update - project delay

My sincere apologies for those who were on the team and Halomaps. There has been a slight project delay, because this is basically my first go at BSP/structure modeling. I may have to find a new member who will be the BSP/structure modeler, but for now, I will be helping out Grunts7 on weapon modeling. Oh yes, and now updates will be weekly, so expect something every week!


 --Posted by Mythic128 on June 10, 2008.

amt weekly Update - Project "Drainage" announced

We have announced a new project, which will be now worked on! It will be a remake of Metroid Prime: Hunters level "Fuelstack". Vote in the poll on which style you would like it as.


--Posted by Mythic128 on June 10, 2008.

amt weekly Update - New clan signature

What you see above you is a poorly made Signature from Paint.NET. It is one of my first attempts to merge images together.


--Posted by Mythic128 on June 10, 2008.

amt weekly Update - new pages, forum topics, and more

I have added some new additions to the site such as updates, new forum topics, related sites, tutorials, and more!


--Posted by Mythic128 on June 10, 2008.

amt weekly Update - Website created

As you can all see, I have put up the mapping team site and it is ready for customization. I hope everyone likes the site!


 --Posted by Mythic128 on June 9, 2008.